ServiceNow HR Service Delivery (ServiceNow DC)

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Deliver your employees the right digital experience from anywhere

Boost productivity and give your employees the service experience they deserve with ServiceNow HR Service Delivery.

Case and Knowledge Management
Finding the right answers and knowing where to go for help is foundational to employee productivity today. With Case and Knowledge Management, HR and shared services teams can capture ’tribal knowledge’ and valuable information that reside across individuals and teams, and transfer that knowledge effectively across the organization to employees when they need it, on any device. To provide employees with efficient service delivery, HR and shared services should also have a dedicated solution that provides the context, guidance, and insight on how to quickly resolve employee inquiries.

Employee Service Center
Providing a single place for employees to get help across HR, IT, Workplace Services, and other departments is critical to the employee experience. Employees expect to get answers quickly by entering a few keywords and getting relevant and accurate information on what to do -whether it’s guiding them to complete a series of tasks, submitting a case, finding an answer, having a discussion in an employee forum, or getting an answer quickly resolved through a chat with live or virtual agent. The Employee Service Center provides a single place for employees to get help.

Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions
Build workflows that extend across HR and other departments, and guide employees and managers on what they need to do through a consumer-grade experience. Using intuitive no-code builder tools, HR admins and business analysts can get full visibility on cross-departmental processes end-to-end, effectively coordinate resources across teams, and assign the right activities, systems, and tasks that enable employees and managers to focus on their work and remain productive.

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