Servicetrace XceleratorOne (X1) - RPA Solution

avtor: Servicetrace GmbH

The X1 solution offers a unique collaboration and management platform for Robotic Process Automation

(This application is available in English and German)

XceleratorOne, the most comprehensive automation platform with unique lifecycle management guarantees the success of your automation.

Based on feedback from our customers, discussions with analysts and market studies, Servicetrace - a successful player in software robotics for more than 15 years - has identified several factors for the successful implementation of automation. Based on these success factors, we have developed the most comprehensive, integrated automation platform XceleratorOne (X1).

X1 acts as a central platform for the complete planning, implementation and control of all phases and participants of automation projects and fulfills more than the following relevant requirements.

Governance: X1 acts as a central automation platform for the project management of individual automation projects as well as the overall control of all automation projects.

Enterprise-wide automation: X1 enables the documentation of complete business processes (end-to-end) and, based on this, a step-by-step expansion of the degree of automation.

Close collaboration: X1 enables and promotes the coordination and close collaboration of interdisciplinary, international and virtual teams, including role and authorization concepts.

X1 offers these benefits:

  • Easy to use:
    As a no code solution, X1 can be operated without IT knowledge, a business user can implement the automation independently. In addition, X1 automates any business application (desktop, web, mainframe, Citrix, Java, etc.).
    Your benefit: simple, fast automation that can be implemented universally.

  • Highest quality & stability:
    X1 guarantees a high quality and stability of your automation - on the one hand through integrated testing, debugging, audit and analysis functions - on the other, by centrally configuring and managing the execution of automation processes.
    Your benefit: highest quality and high stability during automation execution.

  • High security & data protection:
    X1 provides a multi-patented security technology, meaning your automation processes are hidden and secure. Many security features, such as the encryption of sensitive data, offer a high standard of security.
    Your benefit: automation with maximum security at no extra cost.

  • Extensive scalability:
    X1 offers a unique approach to scaling in the market. This makes it possible to provide multiple capacities with existing infrastructure - a very cost-effective approach compared to the competition.
    Your benefit: An unrivalled low-cost and dynamic scaling of automation capacities.

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