Shopic - Frictionless Shopping Experience

avtor: Shopic

AI clip-on device that turns shopping carts into smart carts bringing the online benefits to stores.

Shopic brings the online commerce advantages to medium and large physical stores by introducing a clip-on device that turns standard shopping carts into smart carts. Using computer vision and AI, it delivers:
  1. A personalized grab-and-go shopping experience with on-cart payment
  2. A promotions medium that connects to the retailer’s marketing systems and presents right-on-time offers to shoppers during their store visit
  3. Analytical insights that optimize store management with real-time tracking of shopper carts and store shelves
Shopic enables retailers to:

  • Increase basket size
  • Save costs on labor
  • Reduce shrink
  • Release selling space
  • Answer the demand for contactless shopping

Taken together, it’s a complete digitalization platform for the retail front end that is highly cost-effective and deployed with minimal operational disruptions.

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