Parking management platform - module of smart city

avtor: SMART-TECH Ltd.

Parking Resource Planning is a cloud-based platform – the core of real smart parking.

The SMART-TECH’s PARK!RP platform is designed to automate and manage an urban parking processes. The following are most important elements of the PARK!RP platform:  GIS (Geographical Information Systems) – zones and objects management using Yandex and Google maps, route planning, and traffic.  Tariff engine – rates management; payment conditions and restrictions. The opportunity to create progressive, regressive, or dynamic tariffs.  Permit Management - one of the most complex tasks for any parking authority or operator. Setting submission and approval processes on-line is a tech savvy solution and when connected to an enforcement solution, it is even more complex. The SMART-TECH’s platform bridges these gaps with one Permit Management Module, an integral part of the PARK!RP parking management system.  Payment gateway – management of payment channels (bank cards processing , SMS and mobile payments, external applications, all brands of parking meters, payment and ticket booths), integration with the international payment system PayPal, Stripe, Yandex.Money, Uniteller, QIWI, and JCB.  Parking e-Wallet – management of user accounts with the ability to control, add funds, and track transactions and payments history, as well as subscription purchases  Mobile application by SMART-TECH – mobile application for iOS and Android (assign an unlimited number of cars to one account; start, stop, or extend parking sessions either in on-street or off-street parking; receive real-time notifications about parking sessions; navigate to required parking with real-time traffic information, and much more), available also as a white-label application branded by the customer.  Enforcement – fines control unit and a special application to check paid parking (via license plate numbers or parking spaces), as well as integration with any external enforcement systems (from parking or transport inspection of the city).  Gateway integration – connection with any external software or hardware systems: parking meters, kiosks, mobile applications, banks, commercial parking lots, sensors, boards, etc.  Analytics – transaction statistics, fines, and other events in the context of smart analytics. Filter objects / areas, users, payment channels and forecasting.  Occupancy monitoring – integration with different occupancy monitoring systems (sensors, CCTV, radars), data processing and delivery to customer interfaces (mobile app and web sites), and real-time digital signs.  Integrated modules as the occupancy forecasting and the revenue forecasting. Tariff zone scenario manager to help the city on future strategic decisions for dynamic or new zone tariffs.

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