avtor: SmartViz Limited

Digital Twin Platform to Boost Building Performance and User Experience

SmartViz is a digital twin platform that boosts the performance of your building – and your people.

SmartViz empowers property owners, estate directors and facility and operations managers to get real-time insights into their buildings and how occupants use them, so they can improve space efficiency, reduce operations and energy costs, and improve user experience, productivity and wellbeing.

We are rethinking people, planet and places. We are tackling the biggest challenge with buildings and properties - huge energy waste, inefficient space use, and poor environment leading to health, wellbeing and productivity issues.

The answer, SmartViz, is a first-of-a-kind digital twin platform that empowers building owners with realtime IoT data analytics, dynamic simulations, and intuitive 3D visualisation.

SmartViz is a result of 20 years’ experience in optimising spaces across the UK, US and international projects. We saved Vodafone $40m per annum across its global portfolio of buildings. It helped major UK universities reopen after Covid-19 ensuring health and safety for over 200,000 students. It enabled the Royal United Hospital to optimise their outpatient departments and avoid having to build an expensive new development. It also helped London Heathrow Airport to map, predict and fine tune passenger experience across their journeys

Forget scattered data and silos. With SmartViz, you can easily integrate data from diverse systems and sensors into an intuitive 3D visual environment.

SmartViz combines property information with data from smart sensors, BMS platforms, FM systems, IoT devices, room & desk booking, smart meters, environment controls, and occupant interactions into a single source of truth. It presents actionable insights using advanced 2D/3D visualizations and KPI overlays for the entire portfolio of buildings down to an individual floor and space. The solution also includes a unique human behaviour simulation engine allowing operators to test “what if” scenarios.

See how realtime data analytics, predictive ‘day in the life’ simulation and scenario planning can help you optimise your space. So you can build a more productive and energy-efficient building for all.

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