CARGO EYE - Dimensioning & digitization system

avtor: SPEEDCARGO Technologies Pte. Ltd

Digitizing cargo to capture insights for managing revenue leakage & optimizing operations.

CARGO EYE is an automatic cargo dimensioning and digitization system that enables you to capture accurate dimensions and images of cargo and seamlessly connects data to your warehouse management system through APIs. Several stakeholders in logistics and supply chain can benefit from CARGO EYE. These include Airlines, Ground Handler, Freight Forwarders, Shippers, Warehouse operators, 3PL companies, trucking companies, and many more.

The key pain points which CARGO EYE addresses through its features are:
- capturing accurate dimensions for identifying revenue leakage due to under declared cargo.
- capturing accurate dimensions for optimizing capacity which can be an airline pallet, sea freight containers or warehouse.
- capturing high resolution images for traceability of cargo and for use in issues related to audit andinsurance claims.

The CARGO EYE system has been developed using a software first principle with modular hardware, ensuring easy upgradability and seamless connectivity to ensure that your investments provide you with hassle-free returns for years.

It employs a Cloud Centric Architecture making data storage and analytics to be performed seamlessly through any on-site or remote location.

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