Mobile2Teams by Mobile2CRM


Mobile2Teams by Mobile2CRM extends Microsoft Teams by adding cell phones, BYOD and CRM integration

Mobile2Teams by Mobile2CRM turns your Microsoft Teams into your next-gen holistic communications platform, combining landline, cellular, voice, and text communications under one umbrella with call recordings, IVR, transcription, analytics, and more - without compromising on privacy.
Many organizations have adopted Microsoft Teams as their central telephony platform. Besides replacing your PBX, it's easy to implement, easy to use, and affordable. To successfully transition to the cloud, organizations must overcome the BYOD challenge, allowing employees to use their personal cell phones for work, without violating their privacy. How do you capture their business communications to your CRM, run voice and SMS analytics, ensure compliance - all without violating employee privacy? Mobile2Teams by Mobile2CRM does precisely that – adding the sophisticated communication and collaboration functionality that helps businesses and organizations integrate their CRM, call recording, and analytics systems with employees’ cell phones.

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