avtor: Spiky 3rd Publisher

AI-based sales intelligence engine to fuel sales excellence and revenue growth.

Analyze your sales calls, onboarding, and coaching sessions to fuel sales excellence and revenue growth with enhanced AI models.

Using Spiky, you can shorten training programs, gather intelligent review notes and moments from sales meetings, and improve your overall sales process by creating an end-to-end, fully visible, data-backed sales pipeline to enhance customer continuity in your company.

  • Team Visibility - We're built around making sure your managers have full visibility into the different stages of sales. With a homepage interface automatically identifying which reps are getting the next meetings set, doing a good job at qualification/negotiation/persuasion. And automated feedback so reps can self-coach.
  • Meeting-type Aware Feedback - We provide automated feedback for 10+ meeting types. For example, if your meeting were a qualification meeting, you would get coaching around budget, product description, objection analysis, timeline, and business urgency. We are also able to implement custom meeting-type templates on request. So you can have us implement your framework of choice.
  • Significant Moment Detection - We provide significant moment detection. As the 2nd half of the conversational puzzle, we identify instances in meetings where significant emotional/sentiment shifts happened.
  • Action Item and Followups - We also have summarization, but we also provide actionable item and todo detection that makes reviewing calls super easy.
  • Through CRM integrations, we provide the ability to assess the progress of deals and deliver alerts for deals in different statuses using Spiky scores, keeping you updated. Additionally, we offer CRM auto-fill, enabling effortless data synchronization and eliminating the need for manual entry.

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