JARVIS Video Analytics - Automating Existing CCTVs

avtor: Staqu Technologies Private Limited

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Joint AI Research for Video Instances and Streams (JARVIS) is an AI-powered video analytics platform created by Staqu Technologies. JARVIS can be used on existing CCTV infrastructure in order to automate safety, security and operational SOPs in real-time. It is been used across the industry to minimize theft and pilferage loss, reduce safety & security manpower cost, automate quality check processes, gain visitor analytics across stores and optimize various other business processes.

JARVIS comes with 55+ AI-enabled features that have been divided into multiple business modules, some of the key features have been highlighted below for reference:

Safety and Security Module
  • Unauthorized Person Movement Detection
  • Intrusion & Overcrowding Detection
  • Violence/ Scuffle Detection
  • Fire & Smoke Detection
  • Facial Recognition For Person of Interest Tracking
  • Perimeter Security (Virtual Boundary Wall)
  • Safety Jacket/ Helmet/ Gloves Detection
Visitor Analytics Module
  • Footfall and Heatmap Analysis
  • Occupancy Check/ Space Management
  • Demographic Analysis (Age/ Gender)
  • Cash Drawer/ Till Monitoring
  • Office Open/ Close Time Check
  • Repeat Customer Id.
Vehicle Analytics Module
  • ANPR For Vehicle Access Control (Yard/ Parking Management)
  • Vehicle Loading/ Unloading Time (TAT Calculation)
  • Wrong Direction Movement Tracking
COVID Workplace Safety Module
  • Face Mask and Social Distancing Violation Adherence Check
  • Hand Sanitization and Hygiene Cleaning/ Mopping Detection
Kitchen Hygiene Module
  • Apron, Chef Cap, Gloves Detection
  • 3 Sink Process Check
  • Handwash Detection
Healthcare Analytics Module
  • SPO2 Level Monitoring and Doctor/ Staff Visit Tracking
  • Bed Availability Detection
  • Patient Fall Detection and SOS - Critical Patient Handwave Detection
Forensic Analysis Module

Company Overview
Staqu is an AI research firm having over 25+ published research papers in renowned journals with 2 patents in the field of Image Analysis, Speaker Id., and Speech Recognition. A few of our customers include Piramal Glass, Marico, JK Cement, Rebel Foods, TFS, Embassy Group, Homeland security and several others.

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