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Elevate your business with MecWise® point of sale

Introducing MecWise® POS - The cloud-based point of sale app that streamlines your sales process and optimizes your retail operations.

With a user-friendly interface and an extensive set of features, MecWise® POS is the perfect solution for F&B and retail businesses of all sizes. Here's how our app can help you:

Easy-to-Use Interface

• Minimal staff training needed.

• Available in multiple languages, multiple tax zones and multiple currencies.

• Manage different security user access profiles, eg: Staff and Managers.

Efficient Checkout Process

• Process multiple payment methods, by cash, debit/credit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, mobile and contactless.

• Manage all types of handling, from simple sales operations to vouchers, gift cards, customer returns, exchange and refunds.

• Reduce payment discrepancies and provide transparent pricing.

• Manage Electronic Receipts and Invoicing.

Report & Analytics Tools

• Extensive sales reports to make informed decisions and stay on top of your business, such as daily sales, shift sales, cash tracking and more...

F&B Ordering Management

• Track and view all order status at the front and easily send all or individual orders to the kitchen.

• Intuitive menu editor to create item options using modifiers, build multi-courses and combos easily, and mix and match items from your entire menu.

• Easily switch between menus such as Lunch, Dinner, Happy Hour, and Daily Specials during ordering.

• Set the course sequence for ordered items, ensuring that they arrive in the correct order.

• Menu layout editor allows you to select the color, font size, and name of your menu.

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

• Kitchen staffs can view order tickets in chronological order, making it easy to keep track of the orders and ensuring that each order is prepared and delivered in a timely manner.

• Paperless system eliminates the need for paper tickets, reducing waste and streamlining the kitchen workflow.

• With our fire and bump feature, wait staff or kitchen staff can fire or bump orders in courses or individually. The system also allows for recalling past orders if any errors are made.

Table Management

• Assign and manage tables and covers quickly, whether you need to split or combine tables.

• Ensures your guests are seated promptly and efficiently, providing them with the best possible dining experience.

• Easily manage your reservations with advanced booking tables.

With MecWise® POS, you can grow your business with confidence. Expand with more stores and grow your business online, without having to switch your POS system.

Upgrade your F&B/Retail operations with MecWise® POS - the complete POS system that helps you optimize your sales process and manage your inventory in real-time. Download MecWise® POS for unified commerce today!

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