Stemly Cash Flow Planning

avtor: Stemly Pte Ltd

Future-proof your company's financial health

Stemly’s Cash Flow Planning solution leverages machine learning to deliver accurate predictions and forecasts at the most granular level and valuable cash savings insights in a timely fashion. CFOs and treasury officers have access to separate user-defined dashboards that helps them to future proof the financial health of their organizations.

CFOs can stay ahead with the most updated business key metrics, such as order to cash cycle, and purchase to pay cycle, while treasury officers are able to easily view data on loan positions, cash cycle, currency exposure, and real-time FX to proactively manage their organization’s cash flow.

Stemly’s Cash Flow Planning solution is powered by automatic machine learning to deliver accurate forecasts for short-, medium- and long-term planning. It provides adjustable plans and user-defined dashboard with flexible visualizations. Our platform has the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing ERP and treasury management systems, and harmonize data from multiple sources.

Benefits of Stemly’s Cash Flow Planning solution:

- Predict cash shortages and surpluses

- Smart cash flow forecasting powered by machine learning

- Accelerate collections through automation

- Deep-dive with complete visibility into AR, AP & inventory

- Integrate with banks for competitive cash funding options

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