Stemly Demand Planning

avtor: Stemly Pte Ltd

Forecast and plan for demand across all channels in your supply chain

Stemly’s Demand Planning solution is powered by artificial intelligence to deliver stellar forecasting accuracy. With customer-first workflows that account for nuances across channels, demand planners are able to compare demand forecasts and actual sales performance, to make optimal demand planning decisions and propose improvements to existing demand plans.

Our platform provides robust data management, in-depth data analysis, consensus planning, and accurate forecasting built on machine learning. Analysis is simplified and enhanced via our platform’s flexible visualization features and the ability to consider influential events, such as promotions and cannibalization. Consensus planning features facilitate collaboration across different stakeholders – planners can review, comment, and make adjustment at different levels of the hierarchies.

Stemly’s Demand Planning solution leverages advanced machine learning to deliver multi-dimensional demand analysis and insights. It enables workflow driven consensus forecasting and allows for configurable exceptions and thresholds, as well as user security.

Benefits of Stemly’s Demand Planning solution:

- AI-powered forecasting that improves forecast accuracy by 30 to 50%

- Efficient inventory management that leads to a 20% reduction in working capital

- Reduction of up to 65% in lost sales due to out-of-stock situations

- Enhancement of organization collaboration and planner productivity by 10%

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