Stibo Systems Supplier MDM

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Supplier MDM enables businesses to consolidate, cleanse, enhance and govern supplier data

Supplier MDM enables businesses to create a single, trustworthy source of supplier information.

It enables you to accelerate onboarding of supplier and product data, eliminate duplication, mitigate risk, apply governance to supplier relationships, support supply chain resilience and get products to market faster.

Creating an effective and efficient supplier relationship management program is critical to getting products – that both you and your customers can trust – to market faster.

Stibo Systems Supplier Master Data Management (Supplier MDM) streamlines this process, creating a single, trustworthy view of your suppliers and their products that results in greater savings, efficiencies, risk mitigation and transparency across the end-to-end supply chain.

Supplier MDM fully supports the supplier onboarding process from initial registration, supplier evaluation, qualification and approval. Suppliers can also upload data about their products and services, as well as maintain product catalogues and key supplier information, all from a single, easy-to-use supplier self-service interface.

Supplier MDM delivers a 360° view of suppliers, without which, it can be difficult and time-consuming to track spending, company hierarchies and supplier performance.

Supplier onboarding and self-service

Reduces onboarding and supplier qualification from weeks to days using a consistent, repeatable process for evaluating, approving and adding new suppliers, as well as automated workflows and standardized processes for collecting information and merging supplier accounts.

Key benefits of Supplier MDM

  • Faster time to market - Drive new sales of products your customers can trust by expanding suppliers’ product assortments via automated workflows.
  • Improved efficiency - Reduce onboarding and supplier qualification time by providing a self-service capability.
  • Reduced data management costs - Minimize risk and ensure compliance with automated data governance processes, duplicate checking, data quality and transformation tools, and business rules.
  • A single source of truth - Fuel applications with a single, complete, accurate and trustworthy supplier record and enable transparency across the end-to-end supply chain.
  • Increased business agility - Adapt quickly to market changes or supply chain disruptions with improved supplier sourcing and collaboration.
  • Improved visibility - Monitor performance and value of supplier relationships with centrally managed supplier data.
  • Manage risk - Set up financial, regulatory, performance and ethical compliance checks.

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