Digital Outpatient Appointments

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Transforming outpatient experience for patients and clinicians

The Lenus Digital Outpatient Appointments service changes the current diagnosis on a single data point and by a real time appointment paradigm.

Key Features:

  • Removes the scheduling conflict - health professional and patient do not interact in real time
  • Alternative care pathway for percentage of clinics and outpatient consultations
  • Improved patient experience and reduce reliance on oral histories
  • Integration to existing workflow management systems such as TrakCare® to support existing workflow and reporting
  • Increase control and ownership of health data - a patient focused longitudinal record
  • It meets the recommendations contained in the Royal College of Physicians Report in 2018 on Outpatients: the Future which include:
    • Alternatives to face-to-face consultations available to patients and included in reporting of clinical activity
    • Clinic templates should allow for timing flexibility depending on case complexity
    • All outpatient care pathways should aim to minimise disruption to patients’ lives
    • Clinical information should be available to clinician and patient prior to consult
    • Patients should be supported to be co-owners of their health decisions
    • Patients should be able to communicate with secondary care in a variety of ways, and know how long a response will take


  • A digital service that replaces face to face outpatient appointments that can be completed by clinicians on average in less than half the time of current model
  • Helps free up clinical capacity and reduce waiting times and is applicable across a range of condition and care pathways
  • Trialled in boards across NHS Scotland. Applicable to following conditions, dermatology, ophthalmology, general psychiatry, endocrinology, diabetes, sleep, asthma and respiratory diseases

License / Pricing:

  • £30,000 annual license fee includes 1,000 appointments
  • £5 per appointment up to 50,000
  • £3 per appointment from 50,000+

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