E-Visor for Viva Connections

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Enhancing employee interaction with high-level security and productivity

E-Visor for Viva Connections

E-Visor is an analytics solution with advanced alerts and notifications capabilities, that helps end users boost their security and productivity, directly from within Microsoft Teams, by collecting data across different Microsoft portals to present it back to end users in a single location.

How does E-Visor enhance the Viva Connections experience?

E-Visor efficiently uses the cards experience provided by Viva Connections to bring a high-level view of Modern Work and cybersecurity activity for end-users, teams, and the organization. It can be accessed through the intranet and SharePoint home sites.
E-Visor complements the Viva Connections experience by adding components that strengthen the organization's security strategy. E-Visor simplifies the technology management process by empowering users and effectively communicating topics of interest about Modern Work and cybersecurity, with an aim to simplify day-to-day tasks, reducing security risks and response times, and enable proactive decision-making.

  • FOR END-USERS: E-Visor for Viva Connections empowers users by providing a simple way to perform tasks and high interaction.
  • FOR TEAMS LEADERS: Provides high-level analytics about their employees’ activity.
  • FOR ORGANIZATIONS: Enables comprehensive visibility of the organization’s users to optimize decision-making processes.

Easily access your personal, teams, and organizational information from the SharePoint home sites and Microsoft Teams

  • MFA and SSPR status
  • Sign-ins status
  • Risk events
  • Device health status
  • Identity governance

  • Threat Summary
  • Identity, devices, and e-mail

  • Created and accessed file status
  • Revoked file status

Fast start and integration

  • Get your pre-requisites ready: Integrate pre-existing cards into SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.
  • Educate users and deploy the pilot: Prepare content for the feed and configure settings.
  • Massification: Launch with end users and empower technical and business decision makers with the right information from SharePoint and the Teams app.

Solution benefits

  • Consolidated view of end user information in one unique console.
  • Single application natively integrated with Microsoft Teams.
  • Easy deployment and management for end users, team leaders, and administrators.
  • Save time and money by using a single location to notify, track, and connect with users.
  • Improvement in user experience
  • Robust tracking and reporting
  • Automated provisioning and deprovisioning of features and capabilities.
  • Built for Microsoft Teams.

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