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Antha is a cloud software platform for flexible lab automation and informatics in biotechnology

The Antha cloud automation platform gives scientists flexible and integrated control over their existing lab equipment. This enables experiments and lab workflows to be rapidly automated, data from those workflows automatically linked to the experimental source and the results then integrated into common informatics packages.

It is used by scientists to rapidly design, simulate and run complex optimisation experiments or common assays on lab robots. Saving the end user between 50%-80% of the time vs manual or on-robot execution. Antha has an easy to use ‘drag and drop’ workflow editor that allows the user to quickly design their own custom protocols or can be configured with prebuilt protocols for experiments such as serial dilution, construct assembly, qPCR and Design of Experiments (DOE).

Antha also facilitates seamless data integration, connecting data streams across equipment with automation, reducing errors and mitigating the tsunami of unstructured data that flows from modern analytics equipment.

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