NLP OS™ for Healthcare

avtor: SyTrue

SyTrue Natural Language Processing Operating System (NLP OS™ )

The SyTrue NLP OS™ platform is a Natural Language Processing Operating System that transforms medical documents into digital assets. Natural Language Processing is a tool used to read, understand, and extract human language in a manner which is valuable. SyTrue’s Natural Language Processing OS™is an NLP-based platform for the medical community.

The NLP OS™ uses its library of medical data models, medical terminology dictionaries, and machine learning models in order to consume, read and extract valuable insights specifically from medical text. The platform is designed to interact with both unstructured documents (i.e. constructed in the medium of natural human language) and structured (i.e. machine-readable) documents.

Healthcare’s most advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) Operating System, NLP OS™ – this is what healthcare has needed!

Empower Your Team. Generate Informative Content. Go Enterprise-wide!

NLP OS™ cascades a single medical record into multi-purpose content in less than a second. Want to know which ICD-10, CPT, LOINC, SNOMED, HCC codes are represented within the same medical record? That’s easy. Need to identify allergies, medications, hedging terms or critical findings? Yep… What about personal history, medical necessity, pain or inference? SyTrue’s clinical analyzers dive deep into the content contained within medical records shedding valuable insights on the patients’ encounter. One medical record – multiple purposes.

Obtain. Process. Share.

Regardless if you’ve been in healthcare for one year or 30 years you understand obtaining medical record data from a single healthcare facility, let alone multiple facilities, can be difficult! Our enterprise-wide platform addresses unstructured data regardless of format. SyTrue’s technology pipeline enables health plans and providers to obtain data through multiple means – OCR, API, HL7, etc. Once the medical records have been ingested SyTrue’s NLP OS reads through the medical records identifying insights to be shared for downstream activity.

Search. Identify. Discover.

One could conclude that if a computer can read and understand medical records similar to the way a healthcare expert does then that technology should also enable semantic search. Want to know how many medical records contain “myocardial infarction without aspirin” or simply “male or female over 30 with pain”? SyTrue’s NLP OS™ empowers our users to search, identify and discover through semantic search, enterprise-wide. We are healthcare’s search engine – on steroids!

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