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DragonFlick handles your copyright, privacy and GDPR issues when rewarding user generated content.

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A simple and practical solution for Media Curation and Compliance

Does your organisation have a Content Compliance policy in place?

Do you know how many images are owned or used by your organisation? Are you working with numerous external content creators? Do you need to immediately publish their material through your own multi-channel communications?

You can reduce the time spent on internal and external content creation and management. DragonFlick makes it easier, safer, faster and cheaper for you to work with all sources and types of content.

Reputation is your most valuable brand asset

Just one mis-managed photo or video can cost millions in brand equity. Similarly, without a simple way of continually engaging with multiple users, your newsfeeds can quickly become jaded and outdated.

DragonFlick seamlessly integrates with your brand and systems through a simple-to-use on screen button, which is powered by our proprietary code. DragonFlick has been created by technologists, media lawyers, film producers and graphic designers to ensure delivery of a multi-faceted, powerful engagement tool.

All content ingested through DragonFlick will have copyright clearance. This is in accordance with forthcoming European Regulatory changes under Article 13.

Unique technical innovation:

Using Artificial Intelligence capabilities, DragonFlick enables a more efficient and legally compliant way of utilizing vast amounts of content and securely managing digital assets. DragonFlick supports all forms of digital media assets including audio, video, images, documents and other innovative and up-to-date digital assets. DragonFlick combines the different forms of assets for presentation in the form of Channels, while also enabling simple and efficient file sharing and collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders. Content access can be revoked even after a file has been transferred to a third party and restrictions can be placed on the downloading of content to prevent unauthorized distribution of media files. You retain complete control of how and with whom content is shared.

Other DragonFlick features include:

  • Secure access using enterprise single sign-on authentication and control user/role-level access
  • High efficiency indexing and search to enable easy processing, search and sharing of media assets
  • Seamless integration with existing enterprise systems, applications and services
  • Fast and efficient deployment in the cloud, on-premises or a hybrid model

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