T3K.AI: LEAP (Law Enforcement Analytics Platform) - SaaS Offering

avtor: T3K-Forensics GmbH

Digital media data analytics to detect harmful and illicit contents

T3K’s analytical platform, LEAP is an automated tool for quick analysis of data from mobile devices and other media sources (Grayshift, MSAB, OXYGEN, Cellebrite and other media sources (EO1)). LEAP leverages AI-embedded analytics to quickly identify illicit and harmful contents.

LEAP is ideally used by law enforcement or state security to automarically generate fast analytical reports to instantly focus an investigation and identify priority targets and devices. This helps streamline and accelerate investigations in time-critical situations.

It allows for identity verification and threat screening, providing automated media classification through AI based object detection. LEAP is widely used in Europe for Immigration checks, detection of Terrorist and Violent Extremist Content (TVEC), detection of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM), fighting Human Trafficking and other organized crime, and more.

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