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Customized machine translation models for your domain

What is it?

DeMT™ Translate offers ready-made, domain-specific custom machine translation models and provides you with a significant quality boost.

How does it benefit you?

  • Improve your MT output quality by more than 25%.
  • Save time and post-editing costs.
  • Benefit from the customization without the hassle of in-house MT training.

How do we do it?

Our NLP and MT experts have already trained a library of customized models for dozens of language pairs. If not readily available, we tune a model to match your domain and continuously retrain them with new data to ensure the utmost quality.

Off-the-shelf models currently available on this Marketplace are:

  • Healthcare domain, in the following language pairs: EN-BG, EN-CS, EN-DA, EN-DE, EN-EL, EN-ES, EN-ET, EN-FI, EN-FR, EN-HU, EN-IT, EN-LT, EN-LV, EN-NL, EN-NO, EN-PL, EN-SL, EN-SV
  • E-commerce domain, in the following language pairs: EN-DA, EN-DE, EN-ES, EN-FR, EN-IT, EN-NL, EN-PL, EN-S
  • Legal domain, in the following language pairs: EN-CS, EN-HU, EN-NL, EN-RO

For other domains and language pairs, contact TAUS.

How much does it cost?
The service is available through a monthly subscription model:
  • Translation of up to 1M characters: $150/month
  • Translation of 1M to 10M characters: $300/month
  • Translation of 10M to 20M characters: $500/month

How does it work?
The service is available via Azure App on Azure Marketplace. Please submit the Contact Me form to get access to the offer. Once you subscribe to one of the subscription plans, TAUS will add the selected custom MT model to your Custom Translator workspace and you will be able to use it to translate your content. Please note that you should have an active Custom Translator subscription to use this service.

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