Sturnis365 - Corporate Disclosure Management

avtor: Techedge S.p.A.

A full end-user driven application for collaborative disclosure of Corporate Information

Sturnis365 is a full end-user driven application for collaborative creation, publication & disclosure of Corporate Information. Companies save huge amounts of costs and time creating, reviewing and maintaining complex reports such as:

Annual and Periodical reports,
Sustainibility reports
iXBRL / XBRL filings
Compliancy and Risk reports
Procuremant disclosures

Building on knowledge you already have (MSOffice 365), a report built with Sturnis365, allow for continuous change and is architectured for automatic data and meta-data synchronization.
Thanks to the ground-breaking concept of Inversed Design, ease of use, flexibility, integration & speed of deployment are the key attributes of Sturnis365:
  • Create the skeleton of the document requiring input or publishing as you would create a TOC in Word
  • Standard functions distribute work to the stakeholders and re-collect it with workflow status
  • Review, adjust, refresh with live data from external sources
  • Collect, consolidate and re-distribute as many times as you want
  • Be more efficient together compared to any other tool in areas such as Corporate Disclosure Management and Collaborative Data Collection
  • iXBRL tag your Annual Report according to the ESEF/ESMA mandate
  • You have a solution already? Use one of our automatic migration tools that will convert your current settings in minutes
Benefits of Sturnis365
  • Speed up the collaborative creation of complex reports by a factor up to 90%
  • Increase consistency and eliminate errors in figures thanks to a link with your data sources and real-time refresh
  • Keep documents in multiple languages in sync
  • Gain insight in the creation and validation progress thanks to workflow
  • Comply with the ESMA/ESEF mandate on all aspects of the iXBRL publishing

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