ID Cloud Multi Channel Contact Center Solution


An AI powered platform to manage customer interactions securely, enhance efficiency and CX.

ID Cloud Multi-Channel Contact Center Solution is a perfect fit for all businesses, be it Enterprises, Startups or an MSME. It integrates multiple communication channels, viz: voice, email, chat, social media, SMS & WhatsApp into a single platform to streamline customer service operations, improve response times, facilitate seamless customer interactions, augment efficiency and enhance overall customer experience by providing comprehensive tools and real-time insights. Compliant with DOT / TRAI Telco Regulations, it endows them with cutting-edge technology that advances digital transformation, provides flexibility, scalability and delivers innovation of cloud technology.

Key Capabilities & Benefits:
• Omni-channel Communication: Interact with customers through their preferred media easily.
• Conversational AI: AI-powered Voicebots / Chatbots enable agents to focus more on complex queries. Option for seamless bot-to-agent transfer assists in augmenting productivity and customer satisfaction.
• Intelligent IVR System: An intelligent and smart IVR system that uses voice or keypad inputs to route callers to the right agent or provide automated responses to customer queries and minimize the need for agent involvement for enriched CX.
• Smart Call Routing: Efficient routing of incoming calls based on predefined rules reduces customer wait times, ensures calls are routed to the right agent and amplifies customer satisfaction
• Advanced Dialer: Configurable dialing modes, rules and intelligent algorithms help lower number of dropped calls, reduce agent idle time, maximize call connect ratio, achieve sales and marketing objectives, nurture customer relationships, drive revenue and business growth.
• Integrations: Supports integration with leading CRM platforms, 3rd party applications and collaboration & productivity tools for agents to access relevant customer information and interaction history.
• Remote Workforce: Supports remote and distributed teams, allows agents to work from anywhere with an internet connection and remain cost-effective
• Analytics and Insights: In-depth analytics and reports enables teams to identify trends, analyze customer behavior and optimize processes to ensure sustained efficiency & productivity
• Business Continuity and Security: Ensure uninterrupted operations through platform redundancy options and disaster recovery. Industry-leading security measures and robust privacy protocols ensure compliance with data security regulations.
• Scalability: Scale up or down based on business needs, accommodate spikes in call volumes as you grow.
• Agility and Innovation: Stay up to date with automatic updates and get access to the latest features. Promptly implement new services and channels to meet changing customer expectations and market trends to outpace competitors and increase growth.

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