avtor: Teknopar Endüstriyel Otomasyon San.

Monitor the health of the CNC machine, detect anomalies, predict and prevent failure, improve OEE.

TIA CNCHealth provides real-time data from sensors, production parameters, environmental variables and CNC control units added to the CNC machine, providing instant status monitoring, data analysis, anomaly detection, estimation of the remaining useful life of the CNC machine and cutting edges.

Axis information, geometric codes, machine metadata, messages, production data, spindle motor features and status information are obtained from the CNC machine. Control Unit Library and/or MTConnect protocol are used to provide client communication with the CNC machine. With TIA CNCHealth, a decision support system and vibration analysis can be performed by monitoring the performance and production efficiency of the CNC machine, optimizing parameters, monitoring and recommending cutting edges. Artificial intelligence algorithms are used to predict the remaining useful life of the CNC machine and the cutting edges and to determine the relationships between the parameters.

In order to detect the errors that occur in the products produced on the CNC machine and to prevent these errors by predicting them beforehand, the data received from the sensors, production status information and control unit data are analyzed and monitored with metrics, and it is aimed to increase the total equipment performance (OEE). TIA CNCHealth can be customized according to different brands and models of CNC machines and sensors to be monitored.

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