Templafy for Microsoft 365

avtor: Templafy ApS

Create better business documents faster with Templafy

Drive on-brand compliant and high performing business documents across your organization

With Templafy you can:
  • Automate the creation of your on-brand documents and perfect them using GenAI – in one seamless workflow.
  • Take control of your brand in all employee-created documents
  • Manage templates, while enforcing mandatory classification and metadata on all documents
  • Automate the creation of proposals, reports, contracts, and other business documents to increase performance and productivity

Key events for using Templafy:
  • Rebrands and brand refreshes where there is a need to ensure adoption of the new brand across the organization
  • Mergers or acquisitions where the new organization needs to conform to an existing brand and ways of working
  • Migration to the cloud where existing template and ribbon tools become dated and need replacing
  • Digital transformation in which the company is looking to consolidate software or migrate to Microsoft 365
  • Linking your preferred GenAI with Templafy to create a seamless connection with existing workflows.

Templafy is natively integrated into Microsoft 365 applications as well as SharePoint

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