BE-terna Stock Replenishment Automation

avtor: BE-terna

Ordering and stock replenishment automation platform for end-to-end supply chain optimisation

BE-terna Ordering Automation platform has state-of-the-art AI-based algorithms used for sales forecasting and inventory optimisation. It is tailor-made for various item types; standard items, slow-movers, seasonal items etc. 

Making purchase orders using a platform’s suggestion has proven to cut stock levels, but still decreases the number of stock-outs. It also decreases stock turnover time and helps warehouses run operations smoothly and avoid warehouse jams. Using state-of-the-art deployments on cloud allows customers to get top-level service and pay only for what they use, making platform usage really cost-effective. In addition, a customer can rely on the world-leading security and design of the whole platform.

Key components of the solution are:

Demand Forecasting: Algorithm forecasting sales based on historical data, 3rd party data and all relevant constraints

  • Stock Optimisation: Optimisation algorithm providing user quantity to order based on all relevant constraints
  • Multi-location planning: Stock optimisation based on goods distribution to multiple locations (warehouses or retail stores)
  • KPI’s and reporting: Comprehensive reporting of all relevant KPI’s to help users with solution adoption and decision making
  • Transfers planning: Modul dedicated to replenishment between stores in a complex retail environment
  • Cargo optimisation: Module which makes optimal filling of each truck or container in order to lover transopratition cost per unit
  • Seasonality analytics: Drill-down insight into seasonal trends, comparison between locations, years, items etc.
  • Promotion planning: Deep insight into promotion success helping a purchaser make orders and understand performance
  • Manufacturing: Deliver raw materials and semi-product planning quantities derived from sales forecast and bill-of-materials information
  • Production planning: Work orders schedule optimisation based on the plan and various other constraints

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