TickSmith | Big Data Platform for Capital Markets

avtor: TickSmith

TickVault is used for data centralization, distribution, risk management, and advanced analytics.

Built on open standards, TickVault, from TickSmith, simplifies the process of building and configuring solutions across many different use cases, data formats, and technologies. TickVault’s capabilities go far beyond data consolidation as it also automates low-value, high-effort tasks like data preparation and data cleansing. What is our Value Prop? TickVault We streamlines data centralization to enable financial institutions to effectively leverage, sell, and distribute their data at scale. Who is the target audience? Our target audience are both Data Producers (Ideal for exchanges, trading networks and data vendors. TickVault creates historical data marketplaces to extract value from data and to make it easily accessible to customers) and Data Consumers (Ideal for market makers, trading firms, regulators and SROs to centralize terabytes and petabytes of data received from quote feeds, trading systems, event feeds and more. Also ideal for backtesting, compliance, Risk, market surveillance, machine learning and AI.) How does our solution integrate with Microsoft? -Decouple Storage and Compute - Azure Blob Storage -Automated Ingestion - Event Grid and Function app -Automated Ingestion - Event Grid and Function app

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