3TP Digital Experience Platform


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Digital Experience Platform

Tiresias Theatre Technology Platform (3TP) is a multi-tier platform consisting of many technology engines carefully nurtured and coherently connected to minimize coding efforts to accelerate business change. The unique technical capabilities of the multiple 3TP engines enable automating business content of different levels of complexity.

3TP is API-enabled that makes organizations connect to multiple ecosystem players in their industry and across industries locally and cross border. Leveraging 3TP sufficiently contributes to building cognitive enterprises: digitally enabled, smart processes over differentiated workflows, Lean automated and real-time business and technical performance monitoring among others.

3TP playdough nature as –anear-no-code platform- significantly improves the Software Delivery Performance. It reduces the development lead time, reduces mean time to restore, reduces change fail percentage and increases the development frequency and accordingly, continuous delivery becomes am organizationcapability rather than a far-fetch wish which is what distinguishes High Performers from others.

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