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Complete visibility of the First, Middle and Last Mile of your supply chain of the resource sector.

Supply chain disruptions can have a significant impact on mining operations. These disruptions can result in delayed production, increased costs, reduced efficiency, safety risks, damage to reputation, and potential regulatory compliance issues. When critical supplies or equipment are delayed or unavailable, it can cause production schedule delays and increased costs for rush orders or expedited shipping. This can impact the efficiency of mining operations, and workers may need to take shortcuts or use alternative equipment, which can increase safety risks. Ultimately, disruptions in the supply chain can damage a company's reputation, and regulatory compliance may also be affected.


Trackem TNT solution is an innovative and comprehensive software solution designed to address the challenges mining companies face due to supply chain disruptions. Built on Microsoft Azure, our software leverages advanced algorithms to optimize the entire supply chain process, ensuring that critical supplies and equipment are available when needed and that all logistical operations are streamlined for maximum efficiency.

With the TNT solution, mining companies can avoid delayed production, increased costs, and safety risks caused by supply chain disruptions. The software includes predictive analytics that can forecast future supply chain disruptions, enabling companies to take proactive measures to mitigate the impacts.

Our software solution also includes centralized dashboards and Out-of-Box reports providing real-time visibility into the supply chain process. This dashboard enables mining companies to monitor key metrics such as inventory levels, delivery times, and costs. This real-time data can help companies make informed decisions that will further optimize their supply chain process and minimize the impact of disruptions.

In addition, our software solution is built by the industry for this industry, allowing mining companies to tailor it to their specific needs. This ensures that our solution effectively addresses the unique challenges mining companies face.

Key Features:

  • Real-time, highly accurate goods-in-transit visibility covers all legs, modes, and regions on a single platform.
  • Map views to pinpoint the location and progress of shipments.
  • Configurable status indicators and drill-down capabilities.
  • High-quality, comprehensive and timely data.
  • Opportunity to gain deeper insight by augmenting carrier ETAs with predictive ETA capabilities.
  • Ability to leverage transportation management and planning systems to take remedial action through direct integration.
  • Robust “best in class” SaaS-based transportation, warehousing and fulfilment capabilities for faster time-to-value.

Key Benefits

  • Improve end-to-end supply chain decisions with highly reliable in-transit status data.

  • Increase customer service levels by providing real-time updates.

  • Reduce penalties with better on-time performance.

  • Drive quality business decisions using accurate, comprehensive, and timely data.

  • Improve productivity by reducing phone calls, faxes, and spreadsheet communication.

  • Achieve a pathway to control tower convergence.

NOTE: This enterprise solution will require setup, configuration and integration based on your unique requirements. There might be additional charges based on your requirements.

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