Trade Window Limited

The smartest export-import digital solution connecting all organisations across the trade ecosystem

Seamlessly manage your entire export operations from a single platform capable of bookings, compliance, risk management, finance, traceability and insights.

TradeWindow is the only sector neutral platform capable of connecting the commercial, financial, logistics and government data silos that make up global supply chains to help customers expediate, manage and solve export and import efficiency and cost.

The TradeWindow platform consists of features that can be customised to solve your company's specific pain points:
1. Compliance - automated creation of export documents (increased productivity and lower costs).
2. Certification - automated creation of certification documents i.e. Certificate of Origin (increased productivity).
3. Vault - automated creation of export documents leading to a blockchain audit trail and immediate and forever access.
4. Collaboration - increasing trust via a single point of truth and increased efficiency within teams and stakeholders across your supply chain.
5. Freight Forwarding Digital Solutions - Freight Management System (FMS) and Warehouse Management System (WMS)
6. Freight Booking - ocean and air freight booking solutions.
7. Traceability - mitigate your risk, protect your brand and increase value.
8. Capital - access funds needed to grow your business, fund your trades and enter new markets. 

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