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Organize, visualize, analyze and share your digital slides and gross imaging

CaloPix®is the pathologist’s daily tool. The software offers more than the conventional microscope with a fully integrated digital workstation.

From gross imaging to whole slide image’s life cycle and collaboration, CaloPix®covers the complete workflow of a case.

CaloPix® includes image analysis algorithms, image sharing capabilities and seamless integration with Lab Information Systems.

CaloPix® brings to your lab:

  • Gain in productivity within pathologist’s workflow
  • Full case traceability from gross imaging to whole slide imaging
  • Simplify case exchanges and interactions between different pathology sites
  • Improve multidisciplinary collaboration
  • Promote the mobility of the pathologist by accessing CaloPix anywhere
  • Diagnosis assistance thanks to integrated image analysis algorithms
  • Customizable solution integrating open AI/LIS/Scanner vendors

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