Managed Defender for Endpoint (SOC)


Add competence 24/7/365 and false positive elimination to Defender for Endpoint to keep you safe

The threat landscape demands 24/7/365 monitoring to avoid critical business interruptions due to ransomware and other cyberattacks. There is a shortage of cyber competence and cost limitations makes it unjustifiable for organizations to have inhouse 24/7 monitoring. There are also massive benefits from having a Security Operations Center (SOC) with threat intel from all over the world.

Truesec offers a SOC service based on Microsoft Technology and Truesec's competence. Some customers have already invested in the needed license but have not managed to gain all the benefits due to lack of time or resources. Truesec can help customers increase their security posture dramatically by getting the benefit of active monitoring and threat hunting. 

Customer benefits
  • 24/7/365 DETECTION - MAXIMIZE COVERAGE FOR REDUCED COST. True 24/7/365 detection. We have you covered day and night, holidays and weekends.
  • FALSE POSITIVE ELIMINATION. Minimized response workload for customers (you will not drown in alerts)
  • RAPID RESPONSE – MINIMIZE IMPACT. Threats like ransomware etc. can impact very quickly. Truesec specialists are always ready to detect & respond
  • HIGH & ACCURATE DETECTION. Higher and more accurate detection because of client situational awareness, instead of “one size fits all”

Included in the service is also Threat Intelligence based on insights from incident response assignments and SOC operations for global customers. 

Truesec can also outside of the service assist with Cyber Incident Response specialists (CIRT).
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