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Your Customer Voice: Instant intelligence to transform your customer experience

What is TruRating?

The customer is king. The experience you give them is critical to gain their loyalty and recommendation. But up until now business have only had the tools to listen to a vocal minority of customers, which doesn’t provide the certainty they need to make confident decisions and drive business growth.

TruRating is a revolutionary solution that quickly connects businesses to the once silent majority. It ties customer feedback to transaction and basket data by gathering ratings at point of payment. The power of one question generates industry-leading response rates (80%+ in-store, 50%+ online), giving merchants real-time access to actionable insights tied to financial performance.

Why TruRating?

TruRating is ideal for retail businesses that want to put their customers front and center of their decision-making and growth. With the ability to ask anything and get swift responses from the majority of customers, our clients have used TruRating to:

  • Test new marketing initiatives or changes to stores, products, menus, staff training, and much more.
  • Make data-based decisions that have increased spend per visit and propensity to return. Changes based on our data have resulted in increased revenues of 8% and more
  • Cut costs and increase ROI to see a 20X return on TruRating investment.

How it works

TruRating is already integrated with many major global payments companies, including across processors and hardware, or ecommerce platforms.

Once switched on, businesses can start collecting feedback immediately.

Each customer is asked one quick question as they pay, whether in-store or online.

Questions are rotated from a core set, with additional functionality for customization.

Responses are tied directly (and anonymously) to the transaction, with over 50 data points providing unprecedented insight into how customer behaviors impact average spend and loyalty.

The data is fed back in real-time to clients through a dashboard, as well as regular weekly reports containing deeper-dive analysis, actionable insights and recommendations from our team of expert analysts.

The ratings are also lifted to online profile pages, whether taken in-store or online. This has given a welcome boost to clients’ online visibility, as the constant stream of fresh data helps with SEO.

TruRating supports all of our customers to use the insights to cut costs, make improvements, and ultimately increase revenue.

Contact us today to find out about your free trial offer.

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