Turing Virtual Assistant (BOT)

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Multiflow and multichannel bot, with no code, for customers and employees.

This product is only available in English and Spanish.

Virtual assistant for customers or employees. BOT ready to use, valid to all types of customers and industries. Provide centralized management from the Web and can be integrated with customer's tools like ERP, CRM, Directory, etc., The BOT is valid for multiples channels like mobile, web, phone, etc. and it is ready to assist from ten to thousands of concurrent users. Two levels of intelligence, one for topic (LUIS) and one for knowledge (QnA). Integrated statics with Power BI.
Integrated with additional channels like telephone (PSTN) and WhatsApp.
Already implemented use cases:
Support: Internal and external assistant for helping employees and customer to get the right answer for any situation; IT, Human Resources (HR)
Recruitment: Virtual assistant for management of early stages in internal selection or evaluation processes, including the following phases: Killer Questions, Critical situations, Open questions, CV submission, Appointment for personal interview
Evaluation: Solution connected to Learning Management System (LMS) performing proactive tests to students via Bot channel (Skype, MS Teams and others) in order to evaluate knowledge assimilation. The quizzes (group of questions) are sent periodically and automatically based on student progress and teacher rules set thru the Web Manager. Teachers can also setup courses, modules, students, objectives, questions, rules, etc. Can be used in different evaluation scenarios as training, medical monitoring, employee landing, etc.
Reporting: Virtual assistant for employee reporting timesheet or work orders. The assistant can interpret employee speak to identify project/work order, number of hours and other material used. Designed to Skype voice and PSTN phone call (including SIP), field service employee can speak to Bot using cellphone while driving.
Industries: Cross
Area: Customer Service, HR, IT, Marketing, Operations

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