UpSafe Office 365 Backup


UpSafe Office 365 Cloud Backup

Upsafe Office 365 Backup helps you ensure the critical data from your SaaS application and allows you to focus on what really matters for your business & projects. In a few clicks you can set up the solution and just start your Office 365 back up. Then, when necessary, just restore the files you need through granular or full recovery.

The backup solution covers mail, drive, contacts, calendar and SharePoint.

All stored data is encrypted in 256-bit AES with a unique user owned key.

UpSafe Office 365 backup serves to apply an additional layer of protection to your office 365 data, enabling search and restore of specific items, or bulk restores.

We target any industry that uses Office 365 as a means of collaboration, which, in the end, means any industry at all. Our solution is designed for SMBs mainly, up to 10K mailboxes.

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