Intelligence VinHR solution


Location Intelligence and Productivity Analytics

VinHR – the unique unification of IoT and AI solutions that [elevates] your business’s productivity and empowers your labor workforce.

VinHR is a completed AI-powered solution that is dedicated to businesses operating with thousands of manual workers across the large systems of working places, by offering two advanced features: Location Intelligence and Productivity Analytics.

Location Intelligence derives insights from employees’ working location information that is collected continuously to answer the management’s questions regarding the workforce’s location, time, working journey, incidents. VinHR smoothly records location information not only for outdoor but also for indoor environments by utilizing the positioning devices in conjunction with global navigation techs.

Productivity Analytics combines our in-house AI models and smart Algorithms with seamless Hardware/ Software/ Cloud integration to detect, measure, and analyze the actual working hour KPIs, to enhance productivity and working efficiency. The solution focuses on employee time management and motivates the workforce’s engagement.

VinHR is a Big Data solution for Analysis, Prediction, and Decision Making, providing:

    • Trusted and Reliable Data
    • Working performance and compliance improvement
    • Time and Cost saving for Management
    • Motivation and Engagement
    • Support for Workforce Development Strategy

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