Veracity Authenticator

avtor: Veracity Protocol s.r.o.

Verify the authenticity of your products anytime, anywhere.

Verify the authenticity of your products anytime, anywhere, and just by a smartphone or automated camera.

About Veracity Protocol

Veracity Protocol is the new standard of trust for physical objects to protect people, brands, and national security. Using computer vision, Veracity Protocol enables any camera to create a tamper-proof Physical Code™ based on an item's material structure. The standard is used as the key component for preventing counterfeiting, fraud, and manipulation, and as the immutable bridge between the physical and digital.

Provided Services

  • Non-invasive identification - Identify and track your products with unprecedented security and without the need for a serial number, barcode, or tag.
  • Authenticity Protection - Verify the authenticity of your products using only a smartphone. No hardware or manufacturing changes required.
  • Automated QA - Ensure the quality of your products through automated optical inspection (AOI) with low costs.
  • Tamper Detection - Prioritize security by detecting unauthorized changes, tampering, or manipulation of your products.

Areas of applicability

  • Critical Products & Electronics
  • IDs & Security Elements
  • Marketplaces, Collectibles & Apparel
  • Blockchain & Industry 4.0 
  • and more...

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