Visionet Non Profit Accelerator

avtor: Visionet Systems Inc.

Helping Nonprofit Organizations to modernize constituent engagement with streamlined automation

Visionet Non-Profit Accelerator is a purpose-built comprehensive management solution for non-profit organizations such as, charities, churches, mosques and other NPO organization. Built on top of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 eco system, the aim is to have an effective management of all the NPO activities which in turn will help in making smarter decisions, enhance charity work & provides their constituents, partners & employees with streamlined first-class digital experiences on a secure, governable, and scalable platform.

Visionet Non-Profit Accelerator is composed of following modules:
Constituent Management
  • Donors
  • Volunteers
  • Partners
  • Philanthropy 
  • Beneficiaries *
  • Organizations *
  • Households *

  • In-Kind Gifts and Planned Giving Management
  • Automation of Payment Schedules
  • Transactions End to End Management
  • Anonymous Donation Management
  • Partial, Write-off and Full Transaction Management
  • Project Funds Allocation
  • Fundraiser Insight
  • Emails, SMS & Push Notifications Alerts
  • Managing Donor Commitments *

Program Management (Project Delivery)
  • Resource Management
  • Volunteers Enrollment
  • Setting of Objectives *
  • Program Management *
  • Budget Association *
  • KPIs (Indicators) Management *
  • Program Progress *

Donation Categorization (Designations Management)
  • Automation of Donation Management (Restricted/Unrestricted)
  • Configuration of Donation Plans
  • GL Accounts Management
  • Project Association Management
  • Donation Credits Distribution *

Award Management
  • Awards Management
  • Awards Disbursement Management
  • Awards Distribution Management
  • Budget Allocation
  • Awards Requests and Approvals

Donation Beneficiary Management
  • Beneficiary Request
  • Configure Beneficiary Benchmark
  • Perform Request Assessment
  • Auto Assignment of Request
  • Beneficiary Needs Fulfillment

Expense Management
  • Expense Request Initiation
  • Tracking Expenses
  • Expense Auditing
  • Expense Disbursement
  • Expense Approvals

Volunteer Management
  • Volunteers Management
  • Volunteers Request
  • Volunteers Availability Tracking
  • Volunteer & Project Matchmaking preferences
  • Volunteers Participation Management

Third Party Integrations – Visionet Non-profit Accelerator can be integrated with third-party systems, such as an existing finance and operation system, or a web portal, etc., depending upon the requirement.

* Microsoft Out Of The Box Non-Profit Accelerator features

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