Orion Asset Tracking & Recovery IoT Solution

avtor: Smarter Technologies

Real-time IoT asset tracking solutions for any industry to monitor and manage all assets.

Orion IoT Asset Tracking & Recovery allows for your organisation to create predictive maintenance schedules, reduce shrinkage, improve productivity, and ultimately reduce costs. Utilising a system of tags, which send and receive data, and gateways, which ‘listen’ for the data, known as Orion, the Real-time Data Network™, we offer a simple, fast, scalable, easily configured, evergreen and affordable route to asset-tracking. Reporting occurs every two minutes when static and every 30 seconds when in motion.

Major Benefits of Orion IoT Asset Tracking & Recovery :

  • Real time data and asset visibility
  • Full recovery service available
  • Reduced shrinkage
  • Optimised schedules and maintenance programmes
  • Better business insight leading to better decision making


  • Logistics
  • Cold chain
  • Construction
  • Military & defence
  • Supply chain management
  • Oil & gas plants
  • Agriculture

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