Orion IoT Building Energy Management

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Monitor your building to identify where energy might be wasted and reduce your carbon footprint.

The Orion IoT Building Energy Management system is a sophisticated building management solution that allows your building to become smarter, more interconnected, responsive, and adaptable. The key to the power of the Orion IoT Building Energy Management system is that energy consumption isn't just monitored; it’s recorded in an easy-to-read fashion, allowing you to analyse your consumption and make the decisions necessary to deliver energy savings across your entire estate. Integrating a building energy management system into your premises allows you to:

  • Monitor energy consumption against factors that influence it
  • Modify building services around energy requirements
  • Identify energy inefficiency and keep track of energy consumption trends

Advanced Metering Infrastructure:

  • Monitor and measure utility consumption in real time
  • Understand your consumption for better decision making
  • Easy to install and retrofit capabilities
  • Flexible, accurate billing

Sub-metering solutions:

  • Real-time information on all machines
  • Precise data on gas and electric usage through separate billing options

Peak power output:

  • Regulate your startup process
  • Manage peak-power in real time
  • Complete control of electricity usage and machines

Electricity load balancing:

  • Load balancing adapter to automatically streamline energy use and cut cost
  • Real-time reports alert you of power surges or outages
  • Our tags send and receive commands and can disable or enable electronic devices with ease

Major Benefits of Orion IoT Building Energy Management:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Save money on your energy costs
  • Renewable energy generation load balancing
  • Reduce payments to the Government’s CCL (Climate Change Levy)
  • Energy and environmental footprint management

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