Orion IoT Leak Detection & Auto-flushing

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Accurately identify leaks and prevent flood damage or schedule flushing according to a schedule.

Utilising Orion, the Real-time Data Network™, the Orion IoT Leak Detection and Auto-flushing solution encompasses an entire smart water management system.

Our remote stopcock shutters allow you to control your water supply from any smart device, any time, anywhere. With a straightforward touch of a button, you can switch your water on or off, without the need for any electricity supply or wires.

The pipe temperature sensor monitors hot and cold temperatures in your water pipes, sending you real-time alarm notifications if temperature thresholds do not meet the prescribed values. The sensor will automatically record all data and provide real-time reports, and up-to-five-year historical records.

Anyone in control of business or residential premises is responsible for taking the appropriate precautions to reduce the risks of exposure to Legionella. The auto-flush units comprise pipe temperature sensors, wireless tank temperature sensors and an automatic temperature testing and flushing unit, all of which allow you to automate manual processes and achieve compliance with Legionella regulations.

Major Benefits of Orion IoT Leak Detection

  • Lower risk of property damage
  • Flood prevention
  • Use from anywhere, at any time
  • Won’t seize up when you need it most
  • Deal with leaks quickly and effectively
  • Control water supply with minimal inconvenience

Major Benefits of Orion IoT Auto-flushing

  • Real-time monitoring and reporting
  • Automated routine flushing at the required intervals
  • Automated temperature test schedules
  • Scheduled testing according to your needs
  • Immediate alerts if temperatures within the water system exceed predefined thresholds
  • Automatically generated, fully configurable reporting
  • Five years of historical data provided on an interactive platform
  • Automatic time stamping
  • Creation of ‘further action required’ documentation
  • Observe all required water outlets


  • Water utilities
  • Social housing & retirement housing
  • Landlords and property owners

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