Kea CRM/CLM solution for Pharma Industry and Hospitals globally

avtor: VSM Software Private Ltd.

Kea is a full service CRM solution for Pharma companies and Hospitals meeting APAC/Global needs.

Kea is a comprehensive CRM solution that enables sales and marketing teams to achieve higher levels of commercial excellence. Processes covered are Master Data Management, Closed Loop Marketing (CLM)/e-detailing, Sales Force Administration, Events and Continuing Medical Education (CME), Travel and Expenses automation, Coaching, and more. In the case of hospitals, Kea provides tracking of patient response to marketing activities. 

Users across the sales and marketing functions benefit from Kea. It is simple to use and yet empowers users with required analytics. 

Users dont have to access multiple applications for their needs which can be summarized in two pain points that are addressed in Kea: The team and managers can analyze all "effort" KPI s in a "one-click" MIS dash board. They can also track "results" achieved. 

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