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Leakage Analysis for Water Utilities on DDP

Wipro Ltd

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Tracking leakages accurately at a household level for curbing loss of water.

Wipro’s Data Discovery Platform (DDP) is an integrated platform, which accelerates ‘time-to-insight’ for an enterprise using pre-built industry apps that enable faster decision making, aided by advanced visualizations.

Leakage Analysis app on DDP determines leakages by monitoring inflow and outflow into an area/network. Peak flow analysis of consumption w.r.t various customer properties are also depicted in the app. Leakage is most accurately determines when customer consumption is at a minimum, which normally occurs at night. The app shows the typical variation of minimum night flow in a valid network with all flows being accounted for and measured.

Key benefits

  • Minimize costs due to loss of water
  • Track areas of water leakage and provide consumption visibility
  • Efficient water supply planning