worxogo’s AI Coach – Improve Sales Productivity

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Build high-performing sales teams using Neuroeconomics & AI

Struggling with Sales Reps not hitting quotas? Use worxogo’s AI Coach to help sellers improve productivity, get coached on their key activities and improve their performance using behavior nudges

Help your Sales Reps with personalized coaching tips by identifying and driving high-impact sales behaviors. 
worxogo’s AI coach, also known as Mia, helps your sellers self-manage their daily activities by acting as a personal KPI coach. Unlock your team leaders’ time by helping them provide accurate, personalized feedback to their Reps. Backed with a self-learning AI engine with proprietary deep-learning algorithms, our engine understands sales reps’ motivations and provides personalized coaching tips, appropriate challenges and rewards to nudge them to do better. Onboarding new sellers on best practices becomes simple.
Sellers get:
  • Daily performance tracker
  • Actionable inputs
  • Customized coaching based on individual motivations
  • Best practices based on peer performance 
  • Rewards and recognition 

Transform your managers to be better 

Team leads get behavior insights on where they need to focus and who to help to improve with information on:
  • Early warning signals on goal miss reps
  • Which rep to celebrate
  • Proactive insights on future superstars

Integrate Microsoft CRM with worxogo

Is your salesforce working remotely?  worxogo's AI coach intelligently connects with your existing CRM, allowing managers to also gain proactive leadership insights and starts working from Day 1 without any additional input required from your team.

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