Wovenware Custom Chatbot

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Custom built chatbot solutions, that can integrate with other systems.

Wovenware designs and builds custom chatbots and virtual assistants that can provide 24/7 services tailored to project your organization’s brand and to address your customers’ needs. Wovenware’s Chatbot Oversight Dashboard will provide the insights needed to and improve the bot’s performance as it continuous to learn from new queries and questions.
Customer Service, Marketing, Operations and Human Resources Departments in multiple industries are driving business value from chatbots in the following ways:
    • Instant Response – Chatbots provides instant response to customer questions 24 hours a day seven days of week without getting tired, always with a friendly attitude. Thus, increasing the value of the customer experience.
    • Complex Questions – Customer service interactions can get complicated very easily depending on the complexity of the customer’s request. Chatbots are able to navigate complex scenarios by guiding customers through question and answer process in order to get an understanding of the customer’s request and provide the answer and solution that is required to satisfy the customer’s need.
    • Interact with Other Systems – Chatbots can integrate with various existing system in order to provide users a seamless cohesive experience that is able to resolve the customer’s request. Chatbots can retrieve information and/or perform transactions and operations in other systems.
    • Lead Generation Channel – Through their conversations with customers chatbots can identify and qualify leads. Thus, becoming a new lead generation channel.
    • Content Distributors – Chatbots are a tool to engage with customers to distribute content. They provide a new channel to inform customers that is more engaging than traditional email newsletters or communications. 
The most successful chatbots will drive a good conversational and interactive experience. Our design team along with your team will collaborate with our bot subject matter experts to define contextual scripts, language tone, bot personality, system integration points and opportunities to incorporate interactive buttons in order to deliver the chatbot solution that better serves your customers. 
A successful bot will also undergo continuous training and refinement from missed questions and queries. A bot that learns at the pace of a flywheel will be able to reach the level of sophistication that creates a very simple and delightful customer experience. 
Wovenware can develop a custom chatbots with NLP capabilities and integrate enterprise APIs into them. Custom chatbots can integrate with the most popular social media platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype and Teams. 
We have developed chatbots for use cases in Insurance, Health Insurance, Telecommunications, Education and Government.  

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