avtor: Xtract360

Driving speed and accuracy in claims assessment

Xtract is a software platform built for auto-insurance claims handling.

By aggregating data from the policy holder and/or the connected car, Xtract then visualises it to enable faster, more accurate decision-making on motor claims. Automating and flipping driver liability decisions, determining claim legitimacy and automating vehicle damage triage and personal injury triage at first notification of loss (FNOL).

Key benefits

Reduction in claims payouts:
Reduction in accident claim payouts using data-driven insights
Key data insights provides new policy and guidance to frontline staff on claim payouts
Reduction in overall fraudulent payouts being made

Improved decision making and insights:

Leverage existing crash data to inform better crash scene assessment and decisions made on claim payouts.
Enabling objective assessments based on data not judgement.
Data driven solution delivers additional insight on historical claims made and lessons learned for claim teams

An automated claims process:

Reduction in claims process time by moving from manual paper based process to automated data-driven process
Reduction in overall claims staff required to manage the end to end claims assessments and payout process
Removal of manual failure points during claims process, improving the overall quality and accuracy of the claims assessment

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