Zebra Workcloud Communication 5G

avtor: Zebra Technologies Corporation

Enable and enhance front-line collaboration with a fully-scalable suite of communication tools.

Workcloud Communication supports cellular data for both voice and push-to-talk functionality in case of WiFi unavailability. Help workers solve problems on the spot. Put answers at their fingertips and co-workers and customers within their reach. Connect people, data and workflows for a smarter, more responsive operation. Improve employee efficiency and enhance customer service with the fully scalable Workcloud Communication solution. Connect front-line employees so they can coordinate and collaborate across spaces small or large. With the power of Workcloud Communication, use one platform on a single device to keep communication secure and reliable, ensure workflows are intact and minimize disruption on the front line. Broadcast messages to everyone in an instant, and give teams all the communication options they need to stay in touch and focused on the job.

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