ZF connect@rail

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Digital solutions for rail vehicles: monitoring systems and services.

ZF connect@rail combines digital know-how and intelligent connectivity solutions for rail transport. The solutions, monitoring systems, and services offer our customers in the rail sector added value in terms of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and reliability.

Infrastructure and Driveline Monitoring
Easy detection of the current condition of the track, switch stands and junctions

The Condition Monitoring for Rail Infrastructure enables to recognize the condition of the track system as well as anomalies in wheel-rail contact during operation. Damage and wear, such as wheel flat spots, are detected earlier. This will result in reduced noise emissions, benefitting operators, passengers, and nearby residents.

The measurement and route data is analyzed, evaluated and visualized in the ZF IoT Cloud. With the help of these real time analyses, the operator can plan the maintenance cycles based on actual conditions, boost efficiency and prevent unplanned standstills.

Smart Identification System

The ZF Smart Identification system enables a smart, wireless identification of components in rail vehicles. Therefore ZF integrates an RFID chip with a unique identification number into the gearbox type plate. Via this Smart Typeplate product data (type designation, material number and technical details) is retrieved from the RFID chip when the train is driven into the depot. The data is transferred via an antenna gate to a secure server where customers can access it through a user-friendly dashboard.

Within the entire system the ZF Smart Identification enables you to implement digital maintenance planning and efficient fleet management for rail vehicles.

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