Dynamics 365 Business Central : 2-Hr Briefing/Demo

Kopis, LLC

The Kopis team will provide a 2-hr briefing and demo of the latest in Microsoft Business Central capabilities. Learn how Business Central functions and how Kopis can help meet your specific needs.

Tired of Using a Hodgepodge of Different Systems? It’s time to consider a cloud ERP to help you manage finance, accounting, distribution, inventory, and everything in-between.

This briefing/demo will answer your questions, start the discussions and focus on your major pain points including:


If you’re dealing with an unscalable accounting system like Quickbooks, it’s time for an upgrade. Microsoft Dynamics is GAAP compliant, provides robust permission controls for improved security, real-time reporting, and straightforward integrations.


Reduce IT and training costs, and take complex tasks like quoting, job costing, inventory management and budgeting out of Excel. Our ERP solution can streamline it all.


Whether your Customer Service Reps need operational information to sell, your Business Managers need data to set targets and compare against actuals, or you just want everyone to see KPIs to hold themselves accountable, our cloud ERP can satisfy your needs.

Customer Service

Centralize and streamline your client information so that your sales team can focus on maintaining relationships instead of maintaining spreadsheets.

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