ViewPort: 8-10 Week Implementation

Slalom Consulting

Make Data Available and Accessible for Collaboration

ViewPort is a customizable accelerator and toolkit that allows Slalom to help your enterprise craft a personalized home for all your vital business data, analytics, and reports – across formats, platforms, and sources - in a single, secure, and easy to use location. It provides powerful collaboration and communications features that can help ensure you get the most out of your investments in data analytics. Our implementation will guide you through using ViewPort to shop for data, drive adoption and action, build a community and help, and bind your information into books. *Multiple Platform Support to unify access to multiple BI platforms, including Tableau, Qlik, Power BI, and others. *Using Powerful Cataloging and Search, users can quickly find the information that they need using advanced search and refinement functionality. *Social Collaboration allows users to easily share and communicate on information. Users can rate what they see and provide feedback to authors. *Tell a Story. ViewPort lets users create interactive data storyboards that can display information from multiple platforms to get your message across. *Drive Adoption by giving users a single point of access for PowerBI platforms to make it easier for users to access and share using AI. *Providing Secure Access, ViewPort utilizes existing Power Platform security to ensure than users only see what they’re allowed to see. Our estimated price is a good starting point, with variables including how much you desire the accelerator to be customized for your enterprise, and whether you want the accelerator branded for your organization.