Wipro App in a Day: 6 Hours Workshop

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The App in a Day Consulting Service Offer Workshop will help how to create custom business applications that run on mobile devices, without writing code and share them with your organization securely.

About App in a Day:

The App in a Day Workshop is designed to help Customer learn how to create custom business applications that run on mobile devices, without writing code, and share them with your organization securely! Bring your ideas and questions to this all-day interactive training event.
This Workshop event will be run by Wipro’s qualified Consultants Team (Microsoft PowerApps partner), who are deeply knowledgeable about the platform and can help a customer get the most value out of your app ideas. Power Apps is a low-code/no-code app builder that gives you the ability to quickly develop enterprise applications for your end-users. When you build a power app, it works cross-platform from your phone to web and tablet devices, with one click.

What will be covered in a Workshop?

  • Low-code/no-code development platforms are types of visual software development environments that allow enterprise developers and citizen developers to drag & drop application components, connect them together and create mobile or web apps.
  • Evaluate Power Apps’ ability to meet customer's requirements around building apps
  • Learn how to digitalized non-complex manual task with help of power apps
  • Explore Power Apps with hands-on labs and content
  • Step by step guidance to develop first power app and explore features
  • Build canvas and model-driven applications for your end-users
  • Develop end user application based on canvas and model app by end of workshop

  • Agenda for this 6 hours workshop is:

    • Intro and Business Application Platform Overview for 30 Mins
    • Environment & Data Set-up for 30 mins- Lab
    • Power Apps Canvas Apps, Power Automate & lab intro for 1 hour
    • Hands-on-lab Sessions: Landing Page creation, Multiple Page creation with App Navigation, Connecting data from Dataverse, Build the App, publishing Canvas App and Q&A for 4 hours

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